What I Do


“Write the best story that you can and write it as straight as you can.” —Ernest Hemingway to F. Scott Fitzgerald



Per Project Basis— Have a book inside of you, but lack the time, direction, and writing prowess to fulfill your dream? How long have you been on chapter 1? Writing a book is not only a legacy for your loved ones, it’s a valuable marketing tool for your customers.

Until you’ve ushered new creative life into the world, you have no idea the incredible, myriad of ways writing a book can better your life – and especially your business. You’ll ask yourself why you waited so long to make it happen.

White Papers

Per Project Basis — The white paper continues to serve a number of important sales and marketing functions, such as generating new leads, increasing your company’s profile as a thought leader, and setting your brand apart from your competitors.

Press Releases

Per Project Basis — Press releases may sound old fashioned, but they still have a place in today’s high-tech news world. Even though we can get our news 24/7 through nearly any medium we like—television, radio, internet—there’s still a place for the press release in your marketing and communications strategy.

The key to using press releases effectively is to focus them on newsworthy events. A press release is great for sharing timely, relevant news such as an event, a product release or a website launch. The best news of all is that journalists still look for press releases for news stories, albeit in a different way than they did two decades ago when print still ruled the world.


Per Project Basis — Blogs are what makes the (website) world go round. They are that scintillating tidbit that draws in your customers on a regular basis AND gives you bonus points with Google for updating your content.

A business blog is a marketing channel (just like social media, direct mail, email marketing, etc.) that helps support business growth.

website content

Per Project Basis — Your audience is visiting your website with specific intentions or goals in mind. During each visit the quality and value of the content that is presented can determine whether the visitor stays or leaves.

Website content will also shape whether they return in the future and whether they become or remain a customer. Content quality will also determine the website’s success with discoverability on the web and in the search engines.


Per Project Basis — Good writing comes from good editing. Period. There has yet to be a first draft published in its original form by any author.

social media/digital marketing

Per Project Basis —Even if you’re not actively involved in social media, other businesses are, including your competitors, and most likely a significant proportion of your customers. Failing to understand that this is where many people hold conversations means you’re not part of the discussion, and you can’t influence what happens.

If you don’t know what’s being said, how can you effectively manage your brand reputation online? And how can you ensure that your key messages are being heard by the people you most want to talk to?